Sarabjit Movie Release Date 2016 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Upcoming Movies List

Sarabjit Movie Release Date 2016  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Upcoming Movies List, Sarabjit Movie Star Cast, All hindi movies list available, get Today Movie Release Information

Sarabjit Movie Release Date 2016 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Upcoming Movies List

Amritsar: Dalbi Kaur, the sister of affirmed Indian spy Sarabjit Singh, who kicked the bucket at Pakistan’s Kot Lakhpat correctional facility three years back, on Monday met Jagir Kaur, sister of another Indian convict Kirpal Singh, who passed on under comparative circumstances at Pakistan prison on Sunday.

Dalbir met Kirpal Singh’s family to offer sympathy over his passing. Later, they cleared out for Delhi to meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh to look for his intercession in bringing back Singh’s body from Pakistan. The sisters, alongside couple of different relatives, organized a show against Pakistan close to the Integrated Check Post at Attari.

“Both Sarabjit and Kirpal were held up in abutting cells at Kot Lakhpat correctional facility. Kirpal knew reality behind Sarabjit’s passing. On the off chance that Pakistan powers had set him free, he would have uncovered what really happened with Sarabjit three years back in Pakistan”, TOI cited Dalbir as saying.

Indian detainee Kirpal Singh killed at Pakistan correctional facility, charges Sarabjit’s sister

Sarabjit Movie Release Date 2016 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Upcoming Movies List


Indian detainee Kirpal Singh killed at Pakistan prison, claims Sarabjit’s sister

Kirpal Singh, 55, passed on under strange circumstances at Pakistan’s Kot Lakhpat correctional facility. Pakistan powers, notwithstanding, have discounted any injustice and have asserted that Kirpal whined of mid-section torment after which he was admitted to a doctor’s facility where he was pronounced dead.

Kirpal had been serving in Pakistan prison since 1992 and was captured by Pakistan powers on the charges of spying and dread. He was initially sentenced to death, in any case, his discipline was later decreased to 20 years in jail. His family had every one of these years been asking Indian and in addition Pakistan government to set him free.

The sister of affirmed Indian spy Kirpal Singh (54) has asserted his demise in a Pakistani correctional facility on Monday to be a homicide like the Sarabjit Singh case some time recently.

Amid her dissent on Wednesday at the Pakistan outskirt here, Jagir Kaur (55) of Amritsar’s Mustafabad town said her sibling had not passed on of heart disappointment. Dalbir Kaur, sister of Sarabjit Singh, another Indian dread convict killed before in a Pakistani correctional facility, went along with her in requesting a request “before more Indian detainees in Pakistan meet the

We don’t know anything is going to turn out a request yet at the same time we request equity that escaped us in the Sarabjit case,” said Dalbir Kaur, tending to the relatives of Kirpal Singh who had ventured out to the outskirt. The dissent outside Integrated Check Post (ICP) was over in 15 minutes, as the nonconformists were not permitted to go past. “The slightest that Pakistan can do is return the collection of Kirpal Singh,” said Jagir Kaur, requesting that the Punjab government help.

Perused: After two decades in a correctional facility, Gurdaspur man passes on in Lahore prison

In 1992, Pakistan got Kirpal Singh of Gurdaspur area as an Indian spy and indicted for dread exercises (a bomb impact at the Faisalabad, then Lyallpur, railroad station). Initially sentenced to death, his discipline was, later, decreased to 20 years in jail. He was in Kot Lakhpat jail close Lahore since February 29, 1992, and his family had for every one of these years been requesting that Pakistan set him free.

On Monday, he apparently grumbled of mid-section torment and was moved to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, where specialists pronounced him dead. The Pakistani powers have precluded unfairness.

Dalbir Kaur said she would take the group of Kirpal Singh to outer issues pastor Sushma Swaraj in Delhi so she can pass on its interest to Pakistan.

Miscreant or spy?

Gurdaspur: The group of Kirpal Singh need his body conveyed to his Mustafabad town close here. It says he was not a spy but rather an armed force miscreant turned-worker.

Be that as it may, Mustafabad villagers who did not have any desire to be named termed Kirpal “a saint, a spy for sure, got on his second mission to Pakistan”. “Kirpal’s guardians, until they passed on, used to get monetary guide from the knowledge office,” said of the them. Kirpal was a register from a Gurdaspur school, with three siblings and three sisters. His wife remarried six months after he was caught in Pakistan; they had no kids. Kirpal’s senior sibling Roop Lal said the man had been keeping in touch with the group of his late kin Jagir Lal as of late as this February.

On finding out about Kirpal’s demise, late Jagir Lal’s wife, Kanta, and her children, Ashwani Kumar and Lucky, joined Jagir Kaur on Tuesday close Verka town in Amritsar area to get ready to contact the Indian powers to get the body for cremation.

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