22nd 23rd October Movie Release List Bollywood 2015

22nd 23rd October Movie Release List Bollywood 2015

Shaandaar movie will release on 22nd October 2015

Actor: Shahid Kapoor
Actress: Alia Bhatt

A gigantic “Shaandaar” Indian wedding, which is really a business merger between two of the greatest business groups of India, is going on at an extraordinary château in Europe. Mrs. Kamla Arora, the grandma of the Arora family, the sole proprietor of the billion-dollar business and the property, has arranged their wedding. Kamla Arora is a vixen, and treats everybody like her hirelings including her three children, Bipin, Vipul and Vinay. Mr.Fandwani, the groom’s dad, is an uproarious Sindhi specialist who is the counter to Kamla Arora: The Fandwanis dress in gold, embellish in gold and on the off chance that it was conceivable, they’d drink and eat gold.

Set against the scenery of the Shaandaar wedding, is an adoration triangle between (our heroes) Aliya, Jagjinder Joginder and Bipin (Aliya’s dad). Bipin trusts that there’s no fellow who will be sufficient for his little girl, while Aliya is a visionary, however her fantasies are whacked out and Jagjinder Joginder is a practitioner, he can get anything going! What’s more, for evident reasons, Bipin abhors Jagjinder Joginder.

Ranviir The Marshal will release on 23rd October 2015

Cast: Rishab Sharma, Ramnitu Chaudhary, Rati Agnihotri, Rajesh Khattar, Shibani Kashyap, Robin Das, Vishwajeet Pradhan

Writer/Director: Milind Ukey

Producer: Alok Sharma

Music Director: Ricky Mishra

Ranviir for the quarter century he is has lived in a case constructed by his solid willed mother Ayesha who has battled even her own particular fate to keep her child ensured for whatever length of time that she can. At times we flee from our own particular predetermination not understanding that the adventure itself is likewise fated, so is the life of Ayesha and Ranviir.

Ayesha and Ranviir are pretty much glad in a safe place with minor turbulences at whatever point Ranviir is aggravated by longs for a Martial Art legend battling for equity and valor. However at whatever point these fantasies aggravate Ranviir, Ayesha is constantly snappy at making him feel that it is just the Action’s impact motion pictures that he so frequently watches. Ranviir is never completely persuaded by the reasons she gives yet wouldn’t like to test her an excessive amount of realizing that his mom could be extremely tenacious when she decided to. Ranviir has a dash of uncontrolled resentment in him that makes Ayesha vigilant, she fears what may happen on the off chance that she permits him to seek after Martial Arts and keeps him occupied and content with tasks and urges him to seek after gentler types of craftsmanship.

In any case, soon the mother and child’s usual range of familiarity is attacked when Ranviir begins setting off for college. Ayesha may have been effective in guarding the mystery behind not permitting Ranviir to learn Martial Arts regardless of his common slant towards it from adolescence, yet she can’t control the occasions at school where he is all of a sudden tossed in contact with his external world, a world where he is presented to his differing outlooks and even different expressions.

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